Smells great. Light coconut scent, no chemical odors.
Instant color. You can see the color as it is applied and the color is even better after you shower.
Long lasting. Lasts 6-12 days. MDT lasts longer than any other sunless tanner because of the high-end ingredients. It attaches to your outer layer of skin and only comes off when your outer layer of skin exfoliates.
Great natural color. The perfect combination of browns and reds make this sunless tanning solution very natural looking. We use the highest percentage of DHA possible to look natural and have a strong tan that lasts.
Dries Quickly. Within 5 minutes, you are completely dry and able to put clothes on.
Isn’t sticky. You won’t feel sticky the day of your spray tan, or anytime. Our solution is a water base so once it dries, you can go about your day like usual.
Doesn’t rub off. Tan Icon is a concentrated product and not watered down with unnecessary additives. The day of your spray tanning session, the tanning solution may rub off on your clothes or sheets but will wash out completely. After your first shower, your spray tan is in tact! It will last as long as it takes for your skin to naturally exfoliate. Many low quality sunless tanning products will rub off throughout your tan, not MDT, no way!
Totally safe! You probably know this but MDT is totally safe. No harmful UV rays, no bulbs, no burns. Tan Icon is totally safe to use on everyone!

How soon can I or my client shower after an airbrush tan?
For standard solutions allow 8-12 hours after the tanning session before showering. Ideally, DHA needs 12 hours for the skin to develop its full tanned

What should I do to prepare for an spray tanning session?
On the night prior to or the morning of your session, use an exfoliant. This will prepare your skin by cleaning and 'buffing' it, leaving it cleaner than a typical soap or body wash. It is best to use a non-oil based exfoliant. Your skin should also be free from applied products like lotion, and makeup. Do not wear deodorant as it will turn skin green! Following pre-tanning directions ensures the best possible tan can be achieved.

How and why should clients exfoliate before a spray tan?
Since the sunless tan develops on the outer layers of skin, the natural skin renewal cycle results in shedding of skin and the diminishing of the faux tan. Exfoliating removes dead skin, resulting in a fresh layer of skin that will have a longer life and support a sunless tan of maximum durability.

Exfoliators for at home use should be free of oils and excessive moisturizers since these may block adhesion of the sunless tanner. .


How do I or my client maintain the airbrush tan?
Hydrated skin is the essential key for maintaining a longer-lasting tan. Apply moisturizer the morning and evening after the first tan, and continue to moisturize daily thereafter


What should I or my client wear to an airbrush tanning session?
Wearing loose fitting clothing to the tanning appointment is recommended, and allow 10 minutes drying time after application before dressing

Recognized as one of the premier manufacturers of the most innovative and effective sunless tanning products, Million Dollar Tan provides the ultimate sunless tan. Their sunless products give the most amazing tan every time through a formula made with organic, paraben-free ingredients that hydrates skin and hides imperfections, all odor-free, streak-free and stain-free. MDT also

Sunless Tanning FAQs

What is the difference between Tan Icon, Cabana Tan and Mermaid Mousse?

Tan Icon and Tan Icon Extreme are spray products. There is an instant bronzing color guide to help with application and gives an instant glow. You can spray this on and blend with a brush or even spray into your own body lotion and blend.

Cabana Tan and Cabana Tan Extreme are lotion products. They do not have a bronzing color guide but do go on white and rub in clear so you can see exactly where the product is going. They are a little easier and faster to apply. Simply rub in like regular body lotion. Mermaid Mousse and Mermaid Mousse Extreme are mousses that are foamy and very hydrating. They have a color guide built in, similar to the sprays. All three work very well and are never orange or unnatural looking. You really can't go wrong! You need to leave all of them on at least 6 hours before you shower them off.

What is the difference between the gradual and Extreme?

All of our sunless tanners are available in regular and extreme formulas! Our regular products give a light to medium natural tan that is buildable with each application and the extreme is a medium to dark, natural looking tan from the first use. Both produce a very natural even tan that never looks orange!

Can home tanning products provide the same tan quality that salon spray tans can provide? Yes! Using Million Dollar Tan products at home offers the same flawless results as a professional spray tan in a salon. All of our products are formulated with the highest quality ingredients for a natural-looking, long-lasting tan. If you keep in mind a few important tanning tips, like prepping your skin beforehand and keeping your tan moisturized, you will have an amazingly even tan that rivals any professional spray tan. Even our customers who enjoy getting a Million Dollar Tan professional spray tan in a salon still use our products regularly at home. Both methods produce great results!

What are some common mistakes that women make when applying tanning products at home? How do you avoid them? The most common mistake is applying too much sunless tanner to dry areas of the skin, like the feet, hands, knees and elbows. These areas will soak up more tanner and become too dark unless you use a barrier product before tanning. Our Blend Friend Barrier Cream and Barrier oil offer the perfect solution to this problem. When applied before tanning, these lightweight, hydrating formulas will limit the absorption of sunless tanner and create the natural, flawless look of a real suntan.
Another common issue is streaking or an uneven application of color. Using our Blend Friend Mitt Set is one of the best ways to ensure a perfect, streak-free application of any sunless tanning product, even in difficult or hard to reach areas. The mitt helps distribute the sunless tanner evenly across the skin’s surface and gives you a superior level of control over where and how much tanner is applied. It’s also helpful to apply a very light layer of lotion on the body before tanning, especially if you have dry skin. This allows the tanning product to absorb more evenly and helps prevent streaks and spots!

What’s the best way to prep your skin for a home tanning product? It’s best to shower, shave and exfoliate before your first tanning session, taking care to remove any dry or rough skin. Smooth skin will make your sunless tan adhere more evenly and have a more radiant glow! If you are tanning frequently, a shower is all that’s needed. Apply barrier cream or oil to hands, feet, elbows and knees and you are ready to tan! Million Dollar Tan’s Body Buffer exfoliating scrub is the perfect pre-tan prep product for enviously smooth skin!

Should you continue to tan even after the summer months are over? Should you change the intensity of your tanning color as we move into fall? Many of our customers enjoy having a little bit of extra color year-round! If you live in a warm climate, a deep rich color is often appropriate at any time of the year. For cooler climes or for a more subtle look as the seasons change, choose a lighter tanning formula and tan less frequently. This will give you a radiant glow and a touch of color without being overwhelming. Million Dollar Tan products come in different strengths and build color gradually, so it’s easy to customize the intensity of your tan.

How do you make sure that your tan isn’t too dark in September/October, etc? The best way to keep your color consistent but not too dark is to not over-apply the sunless tanner. Apply a light layer of tanner during your first application, then after the tan develops, apply an additional layer if you want a deeper color. It’s best to apply several light layers than to apply a thick layer all at once or your tan may end up darker than anticipated. Another great way to keep a light color year-round is to use one of our lightest formulations, like Sheer Tan Glam, which has only a hint of sunless tanner. It can be used daily and will maintain a radiant, natural glow without getting too dark.

What are some things you can do to make sure that you keep your color for as long as possible? The key to a long lasting sunless tan is to keep tanned skin hydrated. Apply lotion daily (even twice a day for dry skin!) and avoid very hot showers or harsh cleansers which can dry out skin. Also, avoid intense scrubbing or exfoliating as it will remove the outer layer of skin and make your tan fade more quickly.

Are Million Dollar Tan products safe to use while pregnant? Our products are totally safe to use during pregnancy! They contain no harmful chemicals and are used topically only. We always recommend talking to your doctor first as every pregnancy is different.

What if I have dry skin? How can I avoid being blotchy? Sometimes it helps to put a light layer of lotion on the body before your sunless tanning product. This will help even out any dry areas of the skin before applying your sunless tanner. Sunless tanners absorb more on drier areas applying lotion first will help to even out the skin and hydrate any dry areas so the product can absorb evenly everywhere. For some people, this makes all the difference and really helps to give a natural looking even tan.

Are your products tested on animals? Our products are organic, paraben free and never tested on animals. We love our furry friends!

Are your products Vegan? Yes, our products are Vegan and paraben free.

What is the easiest way to apply Million Dollar Tan sunless tanner? It is best to apply your sunless tanner after you have shaved, showered and exfoliated. Use your hands our Blend Friend tannin Mitt to achieve a truly flawless sunless tan. It is made with a one-of a-kind micro-soft sponge material, this ultra soft mitt makes it easy to apply any sunless tanner, even in difficult or hard to reach areas.

Can I use the body tanner on my face as well? Yes, of course you can! We love our face products because they are packed with all of the best anti-aging and hydrating ingredients. They do wonders for your skin and make for the absolute best sunless tan but are not required to achieve a great sunless tan.

How can I get a natural looking finish on my hands, feet and other dry areas? We created 2 products to help achieve a flawless tan! Blend Friend Barrier Cream and Blend Friend Barrier Oil are pre-tan essentials that limit the absorption of sunless tanner in places where your skin is driest- hands, feet, elbows, knees and ankles. It prevents unnatural dark spots and streaks in dry areas that may absorb more tanners. They are both made to work perfectly with any method of Million Dollar Tan- Tan Icon, Mermaid Mousse or Cabana Tan.

How long do I need to wait before showering (working out/sweating/swimming) after applying Million Dollar Tan? Our sunless tanning products take 6-8 hours to develop. Make sure you wait that long before showering, swimming, or working out!

How long will my tan last? Typically a Million Dollar Tan will last between 7-10 days, depending on your skin type and how you care for your tan. Prepping the skin by showering, shaving and exfoliating before tanning will allow you to tan fresh, new skin and thus giving you a longer lasting tan. After tanning, keeping skin hydrated is the best way to extend the length of your tan.

Will my tan streak or go patchy? None of our products will streak if applied correctly. Our Mermaid Mousses and Tan Icon have a bronze color guide so you can see where you have applied the sunless tanner. Our Cabana Tan does not have a color guide, but the lotion is white until rubbed in so that you can see where you are applying. If you notice an uneven tan it is due to dry areas of your skin absorbing more of the sunless tanner. Sometimes it helps to put a light layer of lotion on the body before your sunless tanning product. Sunless tanners absorb more on drier areas, so applying lotion first will help to even out the skin and hydrate any dry areas so the product can absorb evenly everywhere.